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Works of Shuruaat

Health Checkup Camp

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Slum Child Education

Shuruat has provides education in slum areas daily bases in 3 hours and at least 100 childrens and womens observe education through our best talented teachers, our main foucs of education - Quality Education, Right to good information and also prepared to any exams, Children living in informal settlements must grow up fast: they are often the informal solution for their families struggling to deal with daily problems involving infrastructure access and livelihoods. Children too often fetch water, watch over younger siblings and sick household members, and step into the role of productive contributors to help the household make ends meet. Saddled with these responsibilities, they must often limit or forego their schooling, cutting short their future educational potential and the economic and social opportunities, as well as skills that education affords. This vicious cycle of poverty is one of the biggest issues in development, and necessitates significant creat

Shuruat has organised Health Checkup Camps time to time in slum areas, A health check-up camp was organised at Slum Areas recently. Dr. R K Shukla, a renowned paediatrician conducted the camp. Its main purpose was to maintain proper health in the poor children’s. Medicines and related to health tonics giving to them. It was a successful initiative, said Abhishek Shukla, founder of the Shuruaat.

Blood Donation Camp

Organizing blood donation camps is the perfect way to cater to the demand of blood. Everyone wants to contribute towards the society and save lives. You, as a camp organizer, are giving everyone a chance to do so. Organize these camps regularly and bring smiles to many faces.

Cloths Distributions

Besides distribution of free education, the Shuruaat Ek Jyoti Siksha Ki Society also arranges for distribution of clothes and blankets to children in slum areas and the footpaths where we hold our education provide programs. As you can see from the photos on our website, many of the children attending our education provide programs hardly have any clothes to wear. Most come wearing only an old pair of shorts. Smaller children usually don’t even have that, and often come to our programs naked. We try to arrange for clothes for all of these children, and in the winter we have a special distribution of winter blankets to help them keep warm at night. If you would like to sponsor the distribution of free clothes and blankets for these children, please use the box on the right.

Social Activities

Shuruaat has organised time to time Social Activities like Sanitation Programs, Tree Plantation, Social Awareness programs and many mores..